2014 U.S. Senate Report Card

The Secular Coalition for America is pleased to present its report card for the U.S. Senate for the 2nd session of the 113th Congress. The Secular Coalition believes it is vital to hold elected officials accountable for every vote they cast and bill they sponsor on behalf of their constituents. The Secular Coalition urges all nontheistic and secular Americans and every American who believes in the separation of church and state to contact their U.S. Senator and ask him or her to account for the votes and sponsorships as presented in this report card. 

Each vote and sponsorship counted as one point if the Senator supported the Secular Coalition's position.  If the member did not agree with the Secular Coalition’s position he or she earned zero points. It did not count against the Senator if he or she did not vote. The total number of possible points was nine. The legislation being scored is listed on the first page of the document below.

Score Breakdown:

Grade   Republican   Democrat   Independent   Total  
A 0 0 0 0
B 0 13 1 14
C 0 25 0 25
D 9 13 0 22
F 36 2 1 39


Grade   Score Range  
A 90% - 100%
B 80% - 89%
C 70% - 79%
D 60% - 69%
F < 59%

To expand the report card, click the box in the upper right-hand corner.

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