What if You Were In the Room? You Voted - See the Results

As the Secular Coalition for America prepared to engage with representatives of the Obama Administration for our historic policy briefing on February 26, we invited you to take part in a poll on our website, telling us what you would want to bring up if you had a precious-few minutes to sit down with White House officials and represent your fellow Secular Americans.

Thousands of you responded!  Nearly a third of you (29%) said you would prioritize ending religion's special tax privileges, making this the number one issue. This was followed closely at number two with 23% opting to focus on reform of the Faith-Based Initiatives program, ending discriminatory practices and ensuring that tax dollars do not subsidize purely sectarian activities.

Notably, 10% of you decided to think outside the box and write in your suggestions. And of those, over one-third felt so strongly about the entire slate of issues, they declared in one form another, "All of the Above!" In fact, "All of the Above" made up almost 4% of all total votes.

Check out a graph of the results below.

Poll Results
As part of Our Secular Decade plan, the Secular Coalition for America is increasing the number of issues on which we will lobby. We will take into account responses to this poll as we develop new and more specific position papers on unjust tax privileges enjoyed by religious groups. We will also explore other new issues that have not been given their due. By the end of 2010, you will see us lobbying on a wider variety of issues and working even harder to represent you and your concerns in Washington, D.C.

And the conversation doesn't stop here! Just as we will continue our new dialogue with the administration, here are some ways you can keep engaged with us and our mission:

1)    E-mail Five Friends about the Secular Coalition for America, and specifically encourage them to sign up for action alerts, so they can take part in bringing a secular influence to national policy

2)    Connect with the Secular Coalition for America on Facebook and Twitter: It's a great way to stay informed about what we're up to, share news about the issues you care about, and connect with others in the secular community

3)    Donate, and ask your friends to do so as well. We want to keep up the momentum we've built with our historic meeting with the Obama administration, but we can't do that without your support.

Perhaps you know of laws that give special privileges to religion that we have not yet considered. You or someone you know may have experienced injustice because of the law's privileging of religion.  As we continue to grow and innovate, we want to hear your stories. Our job is to bring about a more just America that doesn't give special rights to religion and to speak up on behalf of the concerns of Secular Americans.

Our sincere thanks to all who participated!



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