Sean Faircloth's Video Message on the National Day of Prayer

Today, the government's observance of the National Day of Prayer goes forward despite the recent federal court ruling that deemed the event unconstitutional. Two bills are currently making their way through the House of Representatives that aim to protect the National Day of Prayer--as if it needed protection--one of which has over 80 co-sponsors, about one-fifth of the entire House.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about how this blatant example of government establishment and endorsement of religion underscores the importance of the integrity of our judicial branch. In light of Justice John Paul's Stevens pending retirement, the activity surrounding the National Day of Prayer reminds us how important President Obama's choice for his replacement will be for Secular Americans, and all Americans who care about the separation between church and state.

Take a look at my video message to you, and forward it to at least five friends. If you haven't already, write to President Obama via our action alert and let him know you want him to nominate a Supreme Court justice like John Paul Stevens. Be sure you and your friends make your voice heard about the future of the Supreme Court and the importance of keeping religion out of government.


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