Secular Coalition Demands DOD End Contract with Trijicon

January 20th-- In light of a recent ABC News report that U.S. weapons contactor Trijicon has been engraving citations from the New Testament on equipment used by the U.S troops and U.S. led Iraqi forces, the Secular Coalition for America demands that the military end its $66 million a year contract with Trijicon.

“Is it not the job of the federal government to give a – literal – ‘stamp of approval’ to any religion or religions.” asked Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America. “Trijicon knew that the scopes they were producing were for the use of the U.S. military and their decision to keep these engravings shows a flagrant disregard by a private contractor of the laws that govern our land. If the Department of Defense does not end their contract with Trijicon or force them to remove the Christian references from future weapons they produce, they essentially condone an affront to religious neutrality and the wall of separation between church and state. This is unacceptable."

For additional comment, please contact Sean Faircloth at 202-299-1091.

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