Secular Coalition Encourages Donations to Haiti Charities that focus on Victims not Proselytizing

If you are thinking of making a donation to support the relief efforts in Haiti, the Secular Coalition urges you to give to a charity that is focused exclusively on helping victims. There are many secular charities that serve needy people, regardless of religion, and whose purposes are solely to help rather than to proselytize. Two of the Secular Coalition’s member groups (The Humanist Charities of the American Humanist Association and the Skeptic and Humanist Aid and Relief Effort of the Center for Inquiry) have charities that send money directly to secular organizations whose only mission is to aid those in need. By only giving money to secular and humanist organizations working for those in need, you can be assured that the relief efforts for those in Haiti are not used by religious organizations to take advantage of those suffering during this catastrophe.

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