Secular Coalition quoted in four national publications in May

The Secular Coalition for America has been getting quite a lot of media attention this month.

On May 14th, an article discussing a new study finding that "people of faith are better citizens" was picked up by USA Today. Ron Millar, the Acting Director of the Secular Coalition, strongly disagreed with the study's conclusions and is quoted in the article. Read it here.

On May 6th, Ron Millar pointed out the difficulty of achieving inclusiveness when government endorses religious activities in an article that ran in the Chicago Tribune. The Christian Science Monitor also asked the Secular Coalition to weigh in on the National Day of Prayer; their article is here.

Click here to watch the five-part interview Trina Hoaks conducted with Herb Silverman, President of the Secular Coalition for America. And as a "On Faith" panelist, Herb Silverman posted these op-eds in May:
The Elephant in the Notre Dame Auditorium
Changing an Unchanging Church
National Day of Non-Prayer?

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