Support Secularism Tomorrow: Join us at the U.S. Supreme Court, Tweet Your Support

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear its first legislative prayer case in 30 years. Join us at the Supreme Court to stand for secularism, and help us by taking the fight to Twitter.

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Support Secularism Tomorrow
Join us at the U.S. Supreme Court, Tweet Your Support
Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will consider its first public prayer case in 30 years, in Town of Greece v. Galloway. This is an epic moment for the movement that will have lasting impacts on our community either way the Court rules. The Background: In the town of Greece, New York, local clergy members to deliver a prayer before monthly town board meetings, which for years have been exclusively Christian--even including asking attendants to recite the "Lord's Prayer." Two of the town's residents sued, arguing that the prayers were unconstitutionally sectarian and coerced attendants into participating--and they won their case--but it didn't stop there.  After years, the case has finally reached the Supreme Court. The Court will hear oral arguments on the legislative prayer cast tomorrow. The two women plaintiffs have endured harassment and vandalism for standing up for our nation's core secular founding principles. Now it's time we stand with them.  The Secular Coalition will be organizing supporters outside the Supreme Court expressing support for those defending separation.
What Can You Do?

  • Join us tomorrow at 9:30 am, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to stand with the plaintiffs in support of a religiously neutral government. The U.S. Supreme Court is located on Capitol Hill at First Street and Maryland Avenue in NW, Washington, DC
  • Tweet your support and post to all your social media accounts. Need inspiration? There are some sample tweets on the right. Hashtags include #GreecevGalloway, #SupportSecularism, #ReligiouslyNeutralGov
  • Join the discussion on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

See you at the Supreme Court!

Take it to Twitter - Sample Tweets

  1. Public town board meetings should be inclusive of ALL including nontheists. #Prayer has no place.  #GreecevGalloway
  2. Public government meetings should welcome everyone. #Government should be #religiously neutral.  #GreecevGalloway
  3. A children’s sports team shouldn’t be expected to pray to #JesusChrist before receiving an award from the town board.
  4. One prayer-giver called #GreecevGalloway plaintiffs an ‘ignorant minority’ for their non-Christian beliefs. #unacceptable #supportsecularism
  5. Clergy used prayer-giving to #evangelize. One asked the audience to recite Lord’s Prayer. #coercive #unacceptable
  6. #GreecevGalloway plaintiffs got hate mail for objecting to prayers. Letters told them to stay away from meetings, called them pathetic
  7.   #GreecevGalloway plaintiffs suffered vandalism, harassment from town residents—clear signs of an environment hostile to non-Christians

*Some sample tweets were shared via Americans United.

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