Secular Coalition Announces Scott Rhoades as Pennsylvania Chapter Co-Chair

The Secular Coalition for America is proud to announce Scott Rhoades as the Pennsylvania chapter co-chair. Rhoades will lead the chapter with Brian Fields of Newville, PA.

Rhoades is the founder and president of the Lancaster Freethought Society where he works towards providing a strong community for freethinkers in Lancaster. Rhoades is a Humanist Celebrant and a contributor to blog of the Humanist Community Project at Harvard. He was instrumental in organizing the 2012 Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference.

Rhoades said he looks forward to protecting and strengthening the secular character of the Pennsylvania government by working with everyone.

“I believe you can be civil and tolerant towards those practicing religion without compromising your values or ideals,” Rhoades said. “You can be respectful to the religious even though you don’t respect their religion.”

Pennsylvania is one of several Secular Coalition chapters recently launched around the country. This summer, the Secular Coalition announced chapters in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. The Secular Coalition also has groups in Alabama and Arizona, and plans to have chapters in all 50 states by the end of the year.

The Secular Coalition for Pennsylvania will hold its next chapter conference call on November 6th at 2PM ET. Check the state page at for call recordings, agendas and to sign up for updates.

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