SCA Announces Interim Executive Director, Herb Silverman Rejoins Board as President

WASHINGTON, DC --The Secular Coalition for America is pleased to announce that Kelly Damerow has been tapped to serve as the Interim Executive Director of the Secular Coalition effective immediately. Damerow previously served at the Coalition’s Director of Federal and State Affairs, where she was responsible for the organization’s advocacy efforts.

Damerow joined the Secular Coalition as the Research and Advocacy Manager in March 2012. In February 2013 Damerow was promoted to Director of Federal and State Affairs. Damerow oversaw the launch of the Coalition’s 50 state chapters and secured the mention of “atheist and agnostic” in a Presidential Proclamation for the first time in history.

Born and raised in Florida, Kelly received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education and her Juris Doctor degree in law from the University of Florida. She was admitted to the Florida Bar in the fall of 2011. Prior to joining the Secular Coalition, Kelly was a Legal Fellow in the American Humanist Association's Appignani Humanist Legal Center.

Additionally, Herb Silverman, Secular Coalition founder and former president of the Board of Directors was recently reinstated to his role as President of the organization. Silverman said he is pleased with the selection of Damerow to the Interim Executive Director post and confident in her abilities.

“Kelly has served the Secular Coalition for almost three years, most recently as our lobbyist on Capitol Hill,” Silverman said. “We are confident she will steer the organization well while we continue the search for a permanent Executive Director.”  

The Secular Coalition Board of Directors looks forward to the continued growth and success of the Secular Coalition, now in its twelfth year.  

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