Good without God: Atheists Assist in Aftermath of "Sandy"

Earlier this week a "monster" storm battered the East Coast. According to one source, storm "Sandy" claimed the lives of 57 people, caused up to $20 billion in damage and up to $30 billion more in lost business. An approximate 6.5 million people are still without power and blood banks are in need of donations.

The nontheist community is rallying together to lend a hand to those affected by the storm.  

You can help. Here's how:

  • Those who can are encouraged to donate blood. A list of blood donation agencies can be found here, organized by state.
  • Foundation Beyond Belief has organized a donation drive for Team Rubicon, a disaster response organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations here in the U.S. They have also organized donations for International Medical Corps to assist with disaster relief efforts in Haiti.  Donations can be made through the organization's Humanist Crisis Response page.
  • The Freethought Society has partnered with the Texas Freethought Convention to collect and distribute money to help where needed.  The Coalition for Reason and American Atheists have joined this effort. View their video requesting funds here. To donate, please visit the Emergency Relief Fund page on the Freethought Society website. Encourage others to donate by liking and sharing their Facebook page.
  • The New York City Atheists will hold a blood drive on November 6. For more information check their website in the coming days, which will be updated as power is restored to New York City.
  • Members of Secular Coalition for America member organizations and endorsing organizations are encouraged to check with their group leaders and local chapter affiliates to see how they can help with local relief efforts.

In this time of need for so many people in both the United States and the Caribbean, we urge you to lend a hand and show the world that we are indeed "Good without God."

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