December 12th: Correcting Religious Privileging in the Tax Code

Please Join Us for


A National Summit:

Correcting Religious Privileging in the Tax Code


Wednesday, December 12th


Location: SCA Conference Room (1012 14th St NW, Suite 205)

Or Via phone: 530-881-1400 Code: 703905

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The new Congress is poised to consider comprehensive tax reform when it convenes in January. This National Summit will bring together secular leaders to discuss strategies to address disparities in the U.S. tax code that privilege churches over other charitable organizations. We will use this discussion to develop an approach to correct the tax code.


Hosted by:

Secular Coalition for America

With support from:

American Atheists                                                Institute for Humanist Studies
American Humanist Association 
Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers
Atheist Alliance of America 
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Camp Quest     
Secular Student Alliance
Center for Inquiry 
Stiefel Freethought Foundation
Council for Secular Humanism     


For more information please contact:

        Edwina Rogers                                                                             Chris Lombardi

       [email protected]                                                                    [email protected]

  Office: (202) 299-1091 ext. 207                                                Office: (202) 299-1091 ext. 203

    Cell: (202) 674-7800                                                                    Cell: (202) 322-9619



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