2006 Media Coverage


Silver Chips Online

According to Lori Lipman Brown, director of the Secular Coalition for America, religious clubs can exist in schools as long as they receive the same treatment as non-religious clubs.

LA Daily News

"Before, we didn't think the religious-right agenda made that much of a difference on our lives, but suddenly the agenda was being followed by the people in power," said Lori Lipman Brown, the Secular Coalition for America's first lobbyist.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

As the chief lobbyist for atheists in the nation's capital, former state Sen. Lori Lipman Brown is keeping a close eye on the Nov. 7 midterm elections. [Note: References to political parties in this article were added by the reporter; the SCA does not endorse candidates or parties. We are hopeful that, whatever the makeup of the 110th Congress, the agenda of its leaders will no longer mirror that of the religious right.]

The Sun Herald

The Secular Coalition for America is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can identify the highest-ranking elected nonbeliever currently serving in the U.S. government.

The Ithaca Journal

This evening, Kol Haverim is hosting a visit by Lori Lipman Brown, the director of the Secular Coalition for America. Brown, a lawyer and former Nevada state senator, has spent the past year on Capitol Hill, lobbying Congress to stop attempts to establish social policy based on selective dogmatic religious views.

The Castro Valley Forum

Last weekend, during the FFRF 29th Annual Convention in San Francisco, close to 600 non-believing "loners" gathered to listen to speeches, participate in the open mic, buy the latest books of well-known authors, and see "Letting Go of God," a performance of Julia Sweeney, actress and comedian, receiver of "Emperor Has No Clothes" award. Lori Lipman Brown, Director of Secular Coalition for America, a national media spokesperson, and a recipient of multiple awards, was present at the convention.

Ithaca Times

Oct. 11, 2006 - In us we trust

Kol Haverim, a humanistic Jewish congregation in Ithaca, will be hosting a discussion on increasing the scope and improving the decorum of non-theistic viewpoints in this country ... The presenter will be Lori Lipman Brown, a lawyer and former Nevada state senator [who] lobbies U.S. Congressional representatives on such issues, and is the new director for the Secular Coalition of America ...

Las Vegas City Life

Lori Lipman Brown's first year as a lobbyist representing atheists was anything but boring. She received vicious hate mail. She heard congressional testimony that compared the American Civil Liberties Union to the Taliban. And she even made a few appearances on Fox News as the sacrificial liberal lamb.


[F]ormer Nevada State Senator and law professor Lori Lipman Brown and the Secular Coalition for America have responded to the current power grab by conservative Christians with the web-based Secular Scorecard for the Senate and Secular Scorecard for the House. To those who would claim that this is a "Christian country," the Secular Coalition points out that "Freedom of Conscience, including religious freedom, is a fundamental American value as evidenced by the fact that this is the first freedom protected in the Bill of Rights."

Lawrence Journal-World

How secular is the Kansas congressional delegation? Not very, according to one organization. The Secular Coalition for America has released its analysis of the religious leanings of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Dakota Voice

A scorecard of Godly and Godless congressional members is now available. Compiled by the Secular Coalition for America, the scorecards were based on ten key votes...

The Hill

For House staffers who continuously gripe about the Senate’s lack of good faith, it’s official. The Senate is in fact more “godless” than the House when it comes to upholding the separation of church and state. The folks at the Secular Coalition for America awarded 18 members of the Senate (and only seven in the House) a "perfect score" for "commitment to the separation of church and state, and their willingness to protect the interests of the non-theistic community."

The New Standard

The House of Representatives is advancing a bill that critics say would hinder people from defending the separation of church and state in the nation’s courtrooms ... Critics of the bill, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the advocacy group Secular Coalition for America, say the bill would further empower government institutions to inject religion into the public sphere.

The Oregonian

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., were among the 25 members of Congress to receive perfect ratings from the Secular Coalition for America for votes they cast in the current congressional session.


The Secular Coalition for America has put together a Secular Scorecard for our representatives in both houses of congress, evaluating them for how they voted on issues of importance (separation of church and state, science, funding religious organizations, that sort of thing) in the past year. It's interesting in a sad way in how it's split along party lines: the lesson is that the godless should never, ever vote Republican, but that Democrats are only mostly safe.

Daily Record (Morristown, NJ)

Lobbyist Lori Lipman Brown told members of the New Jersey Humanist Network on Sunday that she learned how much her role was needed during the first 24 hours she served as a voice for the Secular Coalition for America. "I started getting phone calls from people near tears saying, 'I am so glad you're there. I don't know anyone else out here who's a humanist, or an atheist'."

Christianity Today

An Air Force decision to create an official flag folding script with no religious references has gone largely unnoticed since its introduction last July. The script replaces a popular but unofficial script that contained biblical references that was removed from the Air Force website because of complaints from atheists. Army Sgt. Chris Anderson, a member of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), was one of the individuals who argued that the government was endorsing religion by posting the unofficial script. [Note from Secular Coalition for America Director Lori Lipman Brown: Congratulations to our honorary member organization, the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, for helping to restore the flag folding ceremony to its historical significance, and for convincing the military that having a religious ceremony in its unofficial script is both inappropriate and unconstitutional.]


"I'm more comfortable working for change than prognosticating change. I don’t think of us as non-believers. We believe in a lot of things. We just don’t believe in any gods... I think we can become more influential if we promote a positive evidence-based agenda."

Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago, Hemant Mehta posted an unusual item for sale on eBay: a chance to save his soul. [Webmaster's note: Secular Coalition for America board member, Hemant Mehta, raised over $500 for the Secular Student Alliance by auctioning off his time to attend church. As an atheist, Hemant wanted to offer religious believers the opportunity to share their beliefs and practices with him. His unique e-Bay offering was featured in the front page Wall Street Journal article reprinted on the site linked above. Hemant has been extremely successful in presenting a positive image of atheists to the mainstream media. Check out the details on Hemant's blog at www.friendlyatheist.com.]

San Francisco Chronicle

Gathered around the plastic red-and-white tablecloths in the back room of a San Francisco hofbrau, 30 of the Bay Area's "out" atheists were recasting themselves as the protagonists of America's newest civil rights struggle.


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