On January 21, 2017 women from across the country will march on our nation's capitol to send a powerful message to President Trump. Secular Americans must be a part of this historic event and send a powerful message that we stand in solidarity against religious bigotry and to defend reproductive rights, secular health policies, and LGBT equality.

We need your help to block this legislation. Send a message to your members of Congress now and urge them to safeguard this important law that helps keep religion out of politics.


No one should be forced to live or die according to someone else's beliefs. Tell your member of Congress to stand up for the District's autonomy and the rights of terminally ill DC residents to make end of life choices according to their own conscience.

Our Action Alerts allow you to contact your representatives with the click of a button. Tailored to your location, we'll make sure you never miss an opportunity to help fight for secular and science-based policy!

The Secular Coalition for America hailed a new study released by the Public Religion Research Institute showing that nearly one-quarter of all Americans (24.8%) have no religious affiliation. The new data confirms that the nonreligious are now the largest "religious group" in the United States.

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