Sean Faircloth's Closing Remarks to White House Officials

Closing Statement
February 26, 2010
Sean Faircloth
Executive Director
Secular Coalition for America

We are thankful to the administration for this opportunity.

The issues we raised here today demonstrate something very important.  Secular Americans believe in justice and compassion for all.

Most of the children who die, or are injured, by so-called faith-healing would self-identify as strongly religious.  Liz Heywood was very religious at the time she was abused.  For her, it was a lost leg, for others it is a lost life.

And regardless of the creed of the parent, Secular Americans believe there is no ancient document, no hallowed scripture, no dry parchment that justifies harming a child.  Our world view does not discriminate when it comes to compassion.

When we oppose discrimination in tax-payer funded faith based initiatives, yes, we oppose discrimination against nontheists, but our sense of justice calls on us to oppose discrimination against Muslims, Christians, or ANY other peaceful human being.

When our men and women in uniform speak out for justice and inclusion in our armed services, their bravery, by their own intention, benefits every American regardless of creed.

As we have demonstrated with facts, placing one class of citizens over another class of citizens on the basis of religion is simply unjust -- and harms real people.

We ask that this administration take action to address these injustices now, not merely because it benefits our constituency, but because the ideas and ideals of our movement benefit all Americans -- and all the world.

It is not our disbelief that brings us before you today. Rather it is our deep belief in the light of reason -- and our confidence that the light of reason and justice will lead us all to a better and more compassionate world.

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