Secular Coalition for Nevada Conference Call

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 16:00 - 16:30
Call In Details: 
Call: 530-881-1400 Enter Code: 978895

Secular Coalition for America - Nevada Chapter Conference Call
Call in number: 530-881-1400 Participant Code: 978895
Wednesday, November 14th at 1pm PT


Welcome Message

  • Who is here and who is not here that needs to be?
  • Agenda available at Nevada chapter page at
  • Explanation of conference call style and recording
    • No one is required to speak up, but there will be opportunities to do so.
  • Thank you for joining us for the Secular Coalition for Nevada monthly conference call!
  • The Secular Coalition for America is the only 501(c)(4) lobbying organization representing secular and nontheistic Americans.
  • Based in Washington DC, we are working to make sure that you are heard on Capitol Hill, on the federal level, yet some of the most egregious violations of separation of church and state are being promoted and passed at a state level.
  • The Secular Coalition for America is forming state chapters across the country to bring together secular and nontheistic Americans in each state to lobby on secular issues.


State Government Update - November Elections
  • U.S. Senate
    • Dean Heller (R) kept his seat
  • U.S. House
    • Nevada gained one seat after the 2010 census and now has 4 representatives
    • All 4 Nevada seats in the House were  up for election
    • 2 of the 4 seats are held by the Republican Party: MArk Amodei and Joe Heck
    • 2 by the Democratice Party: Dina Titus and Steven Horsford
  • State Senate
    • Meets in Carson City
    • Biennial legislature (meets every two years on odd-numbered years)
    • 12 of the 21 seats are up for election in November
    • Democratic Party gained one seat and now holds an 11-10 majority
  • State Assembly
    • All 42 seats up for election
    • Democratic Party gained one seat and now holds a 27-15 majority
  • Ballot Measures
    • Passed - Special sesssion amendment - provides that the Legislature may convene a special legislative session upon a petition signed by 2/3 of each chamber
  • Any other issues we should know?

Chapter Development Status

  • Leadership
    • Executive Committee 
      • No set number of members or roles
      • Flexible to availability and strengths of individuals who want to get involved
      • Examples of Helpful Skills: leadership skills, familiarity with local groups, monitor legislation, conduct lobbying visits, mobilize grassroots, IT or website knowledge, social networking familiarity, comfortable speaking with press
      • Interested individuals:  Mel Lipman, Wally Henker, Michael Gobaud
      • Anyone one else interested? Email [email protected]
    • Volunteer List
      • Those who do not wish to be on the Executive Committee, but still want to play an active role and help out once there is work to be done, please email  [email protected]
  • Resources Status 
    • Website
      • still under construction 
      • Temporarily:>States>Your State>Nevada 
    • Conference Calls 
      • Changing call schedule to add more evening and weekend calls
      • Agendas and Call replays available on the Nevada chapter page 
      • Looking into technologies to assist with online discussion 
    • Logo - available soon
    • Facebook Page – Secular Coalition for Nevada 
    • Google group
    • Future Resources 
      • Promotional resources- brochures, stickers, buttons, handouts 
      • Informational resources – Research, fact sheets and policy papers 
      • Trainings and Guides – media and lobby trainings and guides 
    • National Resources 
      • Powerpoints –available at 
      • National Secular Calendar – homepage
      • National Secular Update Weekly Conference Call - Thursdays at Noon 559-726-1300 Code 199568
Wrap Up
  • What the SCA is doing until the next call:
    • Getting resources in place
    • Researching technologies to assist in chapter coordination
    • Outreach!
    • Identifying leadership and putting Executive Committee members in contact with each other
  • What you can do:
    • Email [email protected] if interested in leadership or volunteering
    • Sign up on our website to receive info and updates
    • Check out Nevada’s state chapters page for updates
    • Like the Facebook page
    • Spread the word!


Contact Information
  • Kelly Damerow
  • Research and Advocacy Manager, Secular Coalition for America
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 202-299-1091 ext. 204
Thank You!
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