Candidate Questionnaire

QuestionnaireFind out where candidates for U.S. House and Senate stand on the issues that matter to you as a Secular Values Voter. Help us put candidates on the record as to their positions on church-state separation, religious privilege and the place of Secular Americans in politics and society. Attend meetings and campaign events, and ask candidates in your state or district to fill out the Secular Coalition for America's 2010 Candidate Questionnaire. 

The questions are below, and you can download a PDF of the questionnaire here to print out or attach in an e-mail.

Here's an example of a filled-out questionnaire from a U.S. House candidate:

Questionnaire Responses from Dr. Wynne LeGrow, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Virginia's 4th District:

1. Do you believe that America was founded specifically as a “Christian nation”?

          Yes     No

2. Do you believe that religious institutions that accept federal funding for secular social services should be allowed to discriminate based on religion? 

          Yes     No

3. Religious institutions that provide educational and/or childcare services are often exempted from adhering to health, safety and gender equality standards required of their secular counterparts. Would you support legislation requiring them to meet those standards?

          Yes     No

4. Do you believe that federally-funded hospitals have an obligation to inform patients of reproductive and/or end-of-life options even if they are religious hospitals that will not themselves provide those services?

          Yes     No

5. Would you accept a campaign donation from an avowed atheist or atheist organization, and would you vote for an otherwise qualified atheist candidate for office? 

          Yes     No

Full questionnaire download [PDF]

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