Get Involved in the 2010 Campaign!

Stand up!It’s election season: a great opportunity for Secular Americans to promote the values of our Constitution and increase our visibility to the political establishment and the community at large.

Below is a blueprint for how individuals in every district can bring the secular voter’s concerns to local, state, and national candidates. 

Step 1: Register to vote and make sure your friends and family are registered, too.

Step 2: Investigate local, state and congressional candidates and where they stand on issues that are important to you and other Secular Values Voters.  If it’s not clear where they stand on a particular issue, seek them out at events, or contact their campaigns for answers. Candidates for the U.S. House are responding to our questionnaire on issues that matter to you—click here to see who has responded, and what they said. (And check out our list of questions that every candidate should be asked).

Step 3: Show up. Get candidates to recognize that you are part of a large constituency of Secular Americans that identify as Secular Values Voters. Attend political events where the candidates and their campaigns will be present. Present yourself as often as possible as a Secular Values Voter so that campaigns take notice of you and your concerns.  

Step 4:  Publicize why you like specific, pro-secular values candidates by talking about them with your friends and family. Increase their visibility by using their campaign buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers, and by writing op-ed and letters to your local paper. 

Step 5:  Participate. Increase your visibility with the campaign as a Secular American by contributing your time and money. Volunteers and financial contributors have much greater access to the candidates and will be courted for support in subsequent campaigns. 

Step 6:  Vote! And make sure other like-minded voters get the polls too.  


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