Secular Coalition comes to Dragon*Con September 4 and 5


Representing Secular Americans
In Our Nation's Capital      

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Secular Coalition for America

The first organization representing Secular Americans to engage in a formal briefing with White House officials

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Sean Faircloth
Executive Director
Secular Coalition for America


Dragon*Con 2010

Dragon*Con is the premier convention for sci-fi, fantasy, and "geek culture" enthusiasts, but did you know that it also includes, as a major portion of the conference, a track specifically for skepticism? Come to Dragon*Con's SkeptiTrack to see SCA's Sean Faircloth in TWO EVENTS:

September 4, 11:30 AM:

Our Secular Decade:

How Secularists will take over America

The Secular Coalition for America lobbies for secular policies in Washington, D.C. The "Our Secular Decade" plan is a specific strategy for returning America to it's secular roots. Sean Faircloth served ten years in the Maine legislature before becoming Executive Director of Secular Coalition for America, and his speech connects Secular Americans today to the values of our nation's founders.


September 5, 5:30 PM:

Sex! Law! Morality!

Sean will address how sex is perceived in public policy and how religious attitudes towards sex have poisoned how Americans make decisions in all manner of public policy. Despite some serious aspects of the subject matter, Faircloth, who served on the Maine legislature's Judiciary Committee, takes an optimistic and even light-hearted view of the topic.

To attend this event, visit for all schedule and registration information.


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