Weekly Wrap Up: 1/18/13 Preparing for Inauguration and Beyond

Secular Coalition for America          January 18, 2013

Preparing for Inauguration and Beyond

Inauguration of President Barack Obama, 2009. Paul Hakimata Photography / Shutterstock.com

As Washington prepares for the second inauguration of President Obama on Sunday, the city is awash with patriotic paraphernalia
, bleachers along the parade route and plenty of other preparations. An estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people are expected to attend. Inauguration day will usher in another four years with our president, and symbolizes new opportunities for the secular movement--and we plan to seize every one!

The Secular Coalition has three upcoming meetings with the offices of representatives and senators in the coming weeks. On Thursday, we met with the offices of Rep. Todd Young (R-IN). We will be meeting with Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) on January 24, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) on January 29 and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, we are watching several bills closely, including on introduced by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA). Wolf has again introduced his bill (H.R. 301) to create a Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia. We have used this bill as a Congressional Scorecard vote in the past.

Finally, we are hard at work planning the Lobby Day and Secular Summit for April 24-26 and our first Senate Briefing for March.
If you haven't already registered for Lobby Day, register now to secure the early bird rate!


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An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity in the BibleAnd now for the weekly wrap up
The American Humanist Association distributed it's own new edition of the "Jefferson Bible" to incoming members of Congress. AHA's new version includes what its editors consider the best and the worst of the sacred texts of the world's religions -- the Hebrew Tanakh, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist Sutras and the Book of Mormon. The Society for Humanistic Judaism called for a boycott of retailers selling assault rifles and high capacity magazines – people can sign the petition and find a list of retailers who have and have not removed such weapons from their online catalogues and shelves. In response to Bibles being distributed at several dozen high schools in Florida, The Central Florida Freethought Community will provide books, pamphlets and brochures from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, American Atheists, and the Secular Student Alliance.

Why I Raise My Children Without God

Children without god

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"I thought it was only right to be honest with my children. I am a non-believer, and for years I’ve been on the fringe in my community. As a blogger, though, I’ve found that there are many other parents out there like me. We are creating the next generation of kids, and there is a wave of young agnostics, atheists, free thinkers and humanists rising up through the ranks who will, hopefully, lower our nation’s religious fever.

Read Mitchell's 7 reasons she's raising her children without God

Losing Our Religion

Losing our religion

Nontheist News Corner

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