Urge President Bush to sign stem cell bill

6/20 update: President Bush vetoed the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act today. This Action Alert is now expired.

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S.5) this week.  It may seem that we’ve already had numerous votes, but this one asks the House to accept the slightly changed Senate version. (It adds a statement that the National Institutes of Health can also continue doing research which is currently allowed. This would obviously be the case even if that language were not added.)

Unfortunately, despite the changes brought about by last year’s election and the bipartisan support this bill is receiving, it looks extremely unlikely that we will get a veto-proof majority on this issue in the House, so we are now shifting our focus to the President. We hope that every American who cares about the ability of the NIH to use the best materials possible in their research will ask President Bush not to veto the bill.

[If you'd like more detail about the use of embryonic stem cells, you may want to click through to our position paper before continuing. Just use your back button to return to this alert.]

We recognize that the chances of changing the President’s mind on this legislation are remote. Nonetheless, we still believe that he must hear from a broad cross-section of Americans regarding this important issue.

Please send a message to the White House, asking the President NOT to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act when it gets to his desk.

You can contact President Bush via e-mail directly from this page, or phone/FAX the White House using the numbers below:

TEL: 202.456.1414  OR 202.395.3000 OR 202.456.1111

FAX: 202.456.2461 OR 202.395.1232 OR 202.456.6771 OR 202.456.6212

Once you have taken action, please scroll back to this point and spread the word from our Tell-A-Friend page. Thanks!

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