Take the Challenge: Hold Your Representative Accountable

Last week we released our 2011 Congressional Report Card—which rated members of the 112th U.S. Congress based on seven votes last year, about issues important to the secular community.

Media outlets and secular Americans across the country have taken the opportunity to evaluate where their Representatives stand—and a national conversation is beginning to take shape.

In Texas, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, newspapers wrote about their Representatives’ grades on our Congressional Report Card. Just this week at a town hall meeting, Tea Party-affiliated U.S. Representative Joe Walsh (Republican, IL-8) was asked about the zero percent rating he received on our Report Card and his response was caught on video.

This is what it’s all about! Awareness of the nontheistic community is growing as we continue to be more visible and vocal on a national scale. In the long term, to make our issues part of the ongoing  national dialogue, we must continue to hold our elected officials accountable and keep raising  issues important to our community.

As a constituent in a congressional district, you are in a unique position to make your voice heard by your Representative. With that in mind, we’re issuing a challenge: Review the 2011 Congressional Report Card and see where your member of Congress stands. Then, reach out to your Representative and let him or her know your thoughts on the Report Card grade—and that you are a constituent, and a secular values voter.

Make your voice heard by:
  • Writing or calling your Representative’s office.
  • Asking a question at a local town hall meeting (and take a video!).
  • Sending a letter to the editor to your local newspaper.
  • Registering today for our Lobby Day for Reason—a free lobbying day on Capitol Hill that offers an opportunity to directly lobby Congressional offices about secular issues.
2012 is a big election year—the perfect time to remind Congressional members that secular values voters live in their districts, and that we are paying attention and we vote!

We look forward to hearing about your experiences bringing these issues to your Representatives, seeing the responses you receive and watching your videos. Post your videos on YouTube, then Facebook and/or Tweet us the link, or email us at [email protected].

Every day the Secular Coalition and our member organizations are working to bring secular issues to the forefront, but we can’t do it alone. Help us make 2012 a secular year to remember.


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