Take Action: Urge Your Governor to Reject Extremist Prayer Meeting Invitation

Declaring that “some problems are beyond our power to solve,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is asking his 49 fellow governors to join him at an evangelical Christian prayer meeting in Houston to “call upon Jesus to guide us” and ask for “God’s forgiveness, wisdom and provision.”  

Please help stop such theocratic grandstanding by joining your fellow citizens in contacting your governor and demanding that he or she reject Perry’s invitation to this divisive and counterproductive August 6 event, “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation.”  Ask your governor to stand up for all citizens regardless of religion or worldview and focus on finding substantive solutions to real-world problems, instead of taking part in an event that proclaims the only possible solution is Jesus Christ.

Perry’s prayer meeting does nothing to offer actual solutions to our country’s problems but rather urges other governors to take the same hands-off approach to governing and problem-solving.  Perry states, “There is hope for America, and we will find it on our knees … [a]s a nation, we must come together, and call upon Jesus to guide us.”  The Secular Coalition for America believes there is hope for America, but this hope is rooted in science, reason, and critical thinking. A government official should not be pushing any religion on his constituency or our elected leaders.

The Secular Coalition for America believes that calling on all Americans to embrace Perry’s personal belief system is an insult to the millions of secular Americans who contribute to society, as well as millions of upstanding citizens who practice religions other than evangelical Christianity.  The statement of faith for the event, taken from the American Family Association, states, in part, “We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful people, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential” and that non-Christians “are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.”

Let your governor know that his or her participation in this prayer event would alienate millions of Americans who do not agree with Perry’s prayer-centered attempts to solve to real-world problems. We need to remind our elected officials that they represent all Americans, not simply those of one narrow religious viewpoint.

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