SCA Arizona State Affiliate to Hold Candidate Training Program

The Secular Coalition for Arizona, a state affiliate of the Secular Coalition for America, will be organizing training events this fall for secular Arizonans who are interested in running for office. Training will primarily be aimed at those interested in running for local and state level offices such as school board, city council, and state legislature. This training will focus on campaigning, messaging, and the nuts and bolts of effective leadership.

"We hope to inspire some secular candidates. The best way to combat the Religious Right is to elect people who will stand up for the separation of church and state and the rights of secular Americans,” said Matt Schoenley, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for Arizona. Candidate training is provided by the Arizona Local Progressive Candidate Training Program and is sponsored by the Center for Progressive Leadership, Planned Parenthood Arizona and the Arizona Education Association—organizations and constituencies that, like the Secular Coalition for Arizona, are frequently attacked by the Religious Right.

For more information, see the flier or visit the Secular Coalition for Arizona website.  Candidates can apply here.


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