Take Action: Demand Taxpayer Representation on Church Tax Commission

On Wednesday, April 13, it was announced that a commission formed at the request of U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to "spearhead an independent national effort" to investigate issues related to tax loopholes for religious organizations is composed exclusively of evangelical Christians -- several of whom are directly benefitting from current tax inequalities in our system.

Without representation from independent interests, other religious denominations, and secular nonprofits, there is absolutely no way such a panel can offer objective guidance for much-needed reform of the flagrant tax abuses routinely committed by churches and other religious organizations.

The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations was designed to investigate issues including whether churches should be required to file similar tax paperwork to other nonprofit organizations, including Form 990; whether legislation is needed to curb flagrant abuses of tax breaks for clergy housing; whether the current prohibition against political campaigning by churches and other nonprofits should be repealed or modified; and, whether legislation is needed to clarify tax rules covering “love offerings” received by some clergy.

Please help SCA protest this blatant conflict of interest by writing to Senator Grassley and Dan Busby, president of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, telling them to not sell out taxpayers to evangelical interests. Demand that American taxpayers and other voices be included in examining ways to reform religious tax laws.


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