2012 Presidential Primary Candidate Scorecard

In 2012, voters will make a decision that will have a profound effect on our country: who will lead America through the year 2016. During a time when secular values are under constant attack by many religious leaders and political candidates, the Secular Coalition for America presents the 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard. This card reviews each of the major candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties and examines their views on issues that are important to the nearly 50 million secular and nontheistic Americans who will help choose our president this upcoming November.

Full Version [PDF]



Candidate’s remarks and/or actions have been:
A:    Consistently positive.
B:    Neutral or occasionally positive.
C:    Mixed, with positive and negative responses.
F:    Consistently hostile or negative.
N/A:    At the time of publication, the Secular Coalition for America was unable to verify the candidate’s position or did not have enough information to rate the candidate.

The above chart is based on the topics and individual public candidate comments. 

Please see the full score card for more information and sources.


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