Welcome to the Secular Coalition for America's new blog, the Secular District, which we hope will become a reliable and trusted destination for news and views from across America’s growing secular movement.

With this enterprise, we plan to feature regular contributions from members of our Coalition and other allies who support secular values, the separation of church and state, and public policies based on science, reason, and compassion – not religious bias.

At a time when America’s secular government has become increasingly threatened by religious privileging and creeping theocratic rhetoric, such an enterprise seems more necessary than ever.

So please, take some time to peruse our newly designed site, sample blog posts from members of our coalition, and view our latest web videos. Whether you’re an atheist, an agnostic, a humanist, or a religious believer, I hope you’ll find these posts to be rich and engaging material for the ever-important debate about the proper role of religion in our pluralistic – and historically secular – government.


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