Radical Ministry Counters SCA’s Free Email Campaign by Charging Supporters for Faxes

Different organizations continue to come out for and against Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s radical Aug. 6 prayer meeting in Houston – but this one in particular caught my eye.

A group called The Pray in Jesus Name Project recently issued an action alert, via Conservative Action Alerts, that specifically targets the Secular Coalition for America and seeks to counter our campaign asking governors to reject Perry’s invitation to his divisive and unproductive (to say the least) event.

Have a look:

Now, here’s what really gets me about this alert. It’s not just that they got our name wrong (it’s the Secular Coalition for America), or that they incorrectly stated that we launched a “national fax drive” targeting governors (it’s the 21st century, so we send emails not faxes), or even that they somehow think asking Gov. Perry to respect the separation of church and state amounts to “erosions” of “religious freedoms.”

What really gets me is that The Pray in Jesus Name Project actually charges its supporters $20 to $179 for them to send out faxes to governors and members of Congress on their behalf! This is the same service that SCA, many of our member organizations, and just about every group I’ve ever seen issue action alerts provides to its supporters for free. That's because we don’t send these things out to make money; we send them out to rally support for secularism, civil rights, and other important issues. 

Not to mention that all of those organizations, SCA included, save the ink and paper involved in faxing and use this nifty little thing called email instead.

As God Discussion explains, Gordon James Klingenschmitt, the man behind the PIJNP, has a rather questionable resume, including the time he stated that exorcism is an effective way to “treat” homosexuality.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet asked your governor to reject his or her invitation to Perry’s grandstanding, extremist-sponsored prayer meeting, you can do so (for free!) at our Action Alert Center.

And hey, if you’d like to help support us in combating religious extremism, or thank us for providing services like action alerts, you can always make a contribution to the Secular Coalition on our donate page.

Even if you don’t, we will still send your emails to officials – free of charge.  

(Thanks to God Discussion for originally pointing this out.)

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