Candidate Without a Prayer...Again. Herb Silverman for U.S. Senate?

An open atheist in the U.S. Senate? Could be if South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley appoints SCA President, Herb Silverman, to fill the vacant spot being left by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint.  

Herb has some stiff competition though: Stephen Colbert. According to Public Policy Polling for South Carolinians, Colbert tops the list of possible Haley appointments with 20 percent of those polled. But not with the people of Colbert's hometown, Charleston! In fact, according to an ongoing poll conducted by the Charleston City Paper, Herb is leading Colbert, 86 percent to Colbert's 11 percent. Not even close.

Herb for senate is a long shot, perhaps, but he has already been endorsed by Richard Dawkins.  (Take that, Colbert!)

As for DeMint, he announced last week he would step down to join the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank dedicated to (among other things) fighting "attempts to relegate religion to private life," including promoting abstinence-only sex education and "traditional marriage."  

Just how sweet would it be to see our own atheist activist replace the Religious Right Senator who claims God put Christians in charge of America?   

Want your say? Take to Twitter and tell Stephen Colbert to debate Herb! #SenatorHerb

Vote for Herb or view results here.

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