Hypocritical Values

If I had the power to administer truth serum to politicians, liberal or conservative, I would ask them three questions:

1.If your personal principles and values were the opposite of the majority of voters, would you pretend to believe what the voters believe?

2.If you didn’t care one way or the other about an issue important to voters, would you pretend it was one of your most important issues?

3.Do you pretend to believe that God wants you to run for public office, has told you the issues to support, or has forgiven you for past transgressions after you were caught?

Those who would answer “Yes” to all three would score 100% in my hypocrisy test, not a value I prize. Since I don’t have a truth serum to administer, I just make educated guesses about politicians.

During the 2008 primaries, I awarded my “hypocrisy” prize to Mitt Romney. He was for gay rights and abortion rights when running for governor of Massachusetts. As a Republican candidate for president, he claimed his positions had “evolved.” One could say he was for equal rights before he was against them.

Read the rest of this post at the WashingtonPost.com's "On Faith."

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