Humor is in the Eye of the Beholder

While I didn’t see the Book of Mormon musical, I do find the Mormon religion story rather funny: After Jesus died, but before he went to heaven, Jesus stopped in the United States. Mormons know this to be true because the story was chiseled on gold plates, and buried in Palmyra, New York. In 1827, the angel Moroni led Joseph Smith to the gold plates and a magic stone. When Smith put the magic stone into his hat and buried his face in the hat, he was able to translate the gold plates from Egyptian hieroglyphics into English.

I don’t think it offensive to ask Mormons if they believe this story. I don’t think it offensive to ask Catholics if they literally believe each Sunday that they are eating the body and drinking the blood of someone who died and rose from the dead. I also don’t think it offensive to ask Christians, Jews and Muslims if they believe in talking snakes, or a 600-year old man who gathered pairs of all animals in the world and put them in an ark he built, after which he watched everyone except his family and animals drown in a flood.

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