A Godless Apocalypse

Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping believes that he has calculated the exact date of the rapture: May 21, 2011. How does end times theology impact real world behavior?

My tradition is reality based. It says that the earth is a medium-sized planet revolving around an average star (our sun), one of billions in our Milky Way galaxy, which is one of billions of galaxies. Earth is a relatively tiny object in a massive universe, of interest to us only because we happen to live here.

According to modern astrophysics, the world will end when our sun runs out of hydrogen, its primary solar fuel. A superheated atmosphere will expand across space, embrace nearby planets, and incinerate everything on earth in perhaps five billion years.

It will be a godless apocalypse.

I leave it to faith-based communities to argue over whether their scriptures predict the world will come to an end in 2011 or 2012.

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