An Atheist Out On a Ledge: Will He Jump?

Moral dilemma. Suspense. Passion.

Infidelity. Jealousy. Retribution.

What more could you want from a summer film?

How about an atheist out on a ledge?

The Ledge, one of the most talked-about films of the summer, an intense story from writer-director Matthew Chapman (screenplay credits include Consenting Adults, The Color of Night, and Runaway Jury), opens July 8. With an all-star cast that includes Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Charlie Hunnam, the film is generating an extraordinary level of interest, partly because it breaks new demographic ground.

"The Ledge is the first Hollywood drama to target the broader movie-going public with an openly atheist hero in a production big enough to attract A-list stars," says Chapman, who happens to be the great-grandson of an A-list scientist, Charles Darwin.

A trailer of the film is available here. The compelling plot has Tyler married to a devout Christian (Wilson), but embarking on a passionate, illicit affair with Hunnam. Discovering the infidelity, Wilson eventually reverts to an unusual remedy that finds Hunnam standing out on a ledge high above a city street.

This would be a rivoting storyline even without the religion factor, but the philosophical issues surrounding an atheist contemplating suicide, cutting life short due to complexities and moral shortcomings by all of the main characters, brings Hollywood filmmaking to unchartered territory. What is he dying for? Is there no alternative? Is this justice?

Secularity is nothing new to show business, of course, but talking about it and making it a serious part of a mainstream film is.

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