FAQs About the Secular Coalition's Partnership With UnitedCoR

Q: Why are the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) and United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR) partnering?

A: Like any good partnership, the SCA and UnitedCoR compliment one another with each organization having something crucial to the success of the other. The Secular Coalition for America is the nation's premier nontheist lobby group, with 15 years of experience giving nontheistic Americans a voice in Washington, DC and in state capitols across the country. UnitedCoR has helped build countless nontheistic communities across the country and currently provides an umbrella under 80 grassroots groups organize and strategize. Ironically, while both the Secular Coalition and UnitedCoR are nontheist organizations, this agreement looks like a match made in Heaven!

Utilizing the Secular Coalition's national platform and political experience, UnitedCoR affiliates will be empowered with new resources they can use to lobby their lawmakers and engage in political advocacy. Additionally, with access to the Secular Coalition's staff and network, UnitedCoR affiliates will have an increased capacity to grow their communities. In turn, the Secular Coalition will maintain open lines of communication with UnitedCoR affiliates, updating them about legislation in their states and working with them to increase the turnout of Secular Values Voters in the upcoming midterm elections (and beyond!).

Q: Are the Secular Coalition for America and United Coalition for Reason merging into one organization?
A: No, both the Secular Coalition and UnitedCoR will continue to exist as two separate organizations. To help supply UnitedCoR affiliates with the resources and support they need, the Secular Coalition will now oversee UnitedCoR's program.

Q: How will this partnership affect the United Coalition for Reason programming?
A: Over the coming weeks, the Secular Coalition will begin reaching out to UnitedCoR affiliates to learn about their communities, assess their individual needs, and develop strategies for how the Secular Coalition can help them continue to grow and thrive. A key objective of the partnership is to strengthen UnitedCoR affiliates by helping them build productive relationships with neighboring community groups. The Secular Coalition' staff will help affiliates coordinate with like-minded groups on specific projects best suited to each affiliates strengths and interests. These relationships will empower UnitedCoR affiliates to execute increasingly ambitious and impactful projects.

Q: Will this partnership change the mission of Secular Coalition for America or United Coalition for Reason?
A: Not at all. The purpose of this partnership is to give both organizations the resources they need to succeed and enhance both organization's strategic objectives.

How will this partnership impact United Coalition for Reason's interaction and relationship with its local affiliates?
A: UnitedCoR's affiliates will now have access to a Secular Coalition staff member who will work with them on specific projects that reflect each affiliate's unique mission, strengths, and needs. While the Secular Coalition will be managing UnitedCoR's programs, the fundamental relationship between UnitedCoR affiliates and the national organization will remain the same. The success of the UnitedCoR is rooted in their respect for the autonomy and individuality of their affiliates. The Secular Coalition recognizes this and plans to continue this time-tested strategy of giving UnitedCoR affiliates the freedom they need to thrive. Like UnitedCoR, the Secular Coalition believes that local groups know the needs of their communities best and that each affiliate should be run by local organizers.

Q: Does my donation to Secular Coalition for America now support United Coalition for Reason?
A: All donations to the Secular Coalition for America 501(c)(4) will be used to support their lobbying efforts. Donations to the Secular Coalition for America's Education Fund 501(c)(3) will be used, in part, to support our Secular Values Voter campaign -- an education, not lobbying -- campaign. Since UnitedCoR affiliates will be taking part in the campaign, some 501 (c)(3) funding may be used to provide materials and support UnitedCoR affiliate groups.


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